Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I activate the MemeChat Keyboard?
    You can activate the MemeChat Keyboard by: 
    a. Clicking on the Top Left corner of the app on the KeyBoard symbol > Activate KeyBoard.
    Clicking on the ‘+’ button > MemeChat KeyBoard > Activate KeyBoard.

    It asks for permission before being enabled(don’t worry, we do not collect any sort of information from your device). You can then change your keyboard(by holding the space bar or tapping on the globe symbol) while messaging on any platform and you will have MILLIONS of memes on your fingertips waiting to crack someone up.

  2. How do I access the video feature in MemeChat?
    To be able to upload videos on MemeChat, please contact one of the moderators and email your username, and video content that has been created by you. If they’re not Original Content, your request WILL NOT be considered.

  3. What are “Stonks”? How can I make money during stonks?
    The MemeChat app has a feature called stonks, where users can invest in various templates, categories to create unique memes and make money upon approvals. The stonks get reset everyday at 8 P.M. This is when the payout is most. You can make more money by uploading memes during ‘stonks’ than compared to any other time of the day.
    Quick tip: To get your memes approved with the highest payouts, make sure to upload your memes 1-2 hours before stonks reset.

  4. How can I make money on MemeChat?
    It’s free real estate. Anybody can literally make quick bucks on the MemeChat app. At the moment there are 6 ways by which you can make money on the app:
    Paid Templates: By tapping the “+” button and making memes on Paid Templates, every user gets a chance to make a quick buck upon approval of the meme. The amount directly gets added into your wallet upon approval.
    Requested Memes: By tapping the “+” button, you will see an option called “Requested Tasks”. You can make memes on various topics/trends which are requested by MemeChat for the betterment of the app. It follows the same procedure as above. Upon approval, you get paid. However, these memes are an exception because you won’t receive rejection notifications, only approval notifications show up.
    Sharing Memes: This is by far the easiest method to make money on the app. You will be receiving MCs upon sharing memes to someone who’s not a registered user, and not downloaded the app yet.
    Stonks: This is a powerful tool for users who come up with amazing Original Content. You can receive high payouts on approvals during this time. So, make sure to bring out your creativity and get appreciated!
    Upvoting Memes: If you’re a new user and you have less than 200 points, then you are in luck. You are eligible to receive 5MCs by upvoting 100 memes per day, each day. Once your points exceed 200, you will no longer be able to earn MCs like this.
    Paid Keywords: You are eligible to earn additional MCs by including PAID KEYWORDS in your memes. The Paid Keywords that can be used will be available to you in the "Keywords" section under the "Upload Memes" page.
    Click on '+' button > Upload Meme > Keywords > Click on the "Paid" button next to the keywords you wish to use.

  5. What do the different types of categories mean?
    The many different categories that can be seen on the app are:
    a. Anime: Memes related to Anime fall under this category.
    b. Celebrity: Memes related to Celebrities fall under this category.
    c. CrackIt: Memes that are in the form of puzzles and lets the community members exercise their brain
    d. Cringe: Memes that make you cringe fall under this category
    e. Dark Humor: Memes that are dark and funny fall under this category.
    f. Education: Memes that are related to educational content fall under this category.
    g. Gaming: Memes related to games, and the gaming community fall under this category.
    h. Global: Memes that have every piece of content in English, so that it can be understood by international users.
    i. MemeFace: Memes made using the AI MemeFace feature in the MemeChat keyboard fall under this category.
    j. Movies: Memes that are related to movies fall under this category.
    k. News: Memes that are related to current affairs and news fall under this category. 
    l. Nostalgia: Memes that make you remember the simple, old, good times and brings a smile to your face.
    m. Parody: Memes that imitate a genre/artist and are a spoof fall under this category.
    n. Politics: Memes that are related to Indian/International Politics come under this category.
    o. Puns: Memes that have a double meaning to them fall under this category.
    p. Sadpost: Memes that can get you in the feels and make you sad fall under this category.
    q. Savage: Memes that are savage and roast someone/something fall under this category.
    r. Shitpost: Memes that are poor quality trolls fall under this category.
    s. Sports: Memes that are related to sports fall under this category.
    t. Web Series: Memes that are related to Web Series fall under this category.
    u. Wholesome: Memes that have a positive influence on people’s well-being fall under this category.
    v. WTF: Memes that are bizarre and really weird fall under this category.

  6. Why have I been banned for 6 hours?
    A user can be banned by the moderators for 3 reasons:
    a. When a user spams NOC memes even after being warned because we appreciate good and original content.
    b. When a user spams memes with context that makes no sense with respect to the paid template being used.
    c. By commenting hateful, foul statements under other users’ memes.

  7. When does my meme qualify to become “MOTD”(Meme Of The Day)?
    A meme is eligible to become MOTD when it’s hot(pouring with upvotes) and relates to the trend that’s going on during that particular day.

  8. How does one become an OG creator?
    OG creator is a badge/verification given to users whose memes are consistent, have quality and are created by themselves(i.e., memes uploaded must be Original Content). OG’s are mainly selected by mods if they find quality in your content. Only users with the OG tag are eligible to receive MCs on auto approved memes.

  9. What do the different colored badges on MemeChat mean?
    There are 3 different types of colored badges that can be seen on MemeChat and here are what they represent:
    a. Yellow – OG Creator
    b. Green – MemeChat Moderator
    c. Blue – Top Users

  10. What are ‘Trending Group Chats’ on MemeChat?
    You can now create groups either only with your friends or a group of your interest, whose settings can be changed and played around with. You can chat with people through funny memes made on your own or through other sources. Trending group chats are considered to be the most active group chats on MemeChat, in which you too can be a part of and have fun!
  1. How much time does it take for my meme to get approved?
    We have a panel of mods who approve/decline your memes on a regular basis. Usually it takes about 2 – 3 hours max for approvals/rejections.

  2. Why are my memes being approved in Noobie/Nixed on MemeChat?
    Yes, we heard you out loud and clear. Before you tag us in the comments asking why is your meme is approved in Noobie/Nixed, here are a few rules you have to keep in mind while creating content:

    a. Firstly, the meme has to be funny and maintain standards.
    b. OC(Original Content) Memes are loved and accepted way more than NOC/copied memes. However, if the user wishes to post an NOC meme, he/she will have to select the ‘NOC’ category before uploading it. And if the ‘NOC’ category has not been chosen, we will consider it as recreated/copied.
    c. We don’t approve reposts/recreated, dead(old trends), and super normie memes.
    d. Extremely gore, full of nudity or gross memes are rejected to maintain user experience.
    e. Memes should be well edited, by using proper fonts, text should be aligned to the left(center aligned captions are rarely approved, depending on the effort shown by the user), contain no blank white spaces, and the watermark used should be the same and identical to your MemeChat username.
    f. Memes that are requested by MemeChat will not be approved on the main feed.

    That’s pretty much about it for now. As long as your content has quality, it’ll be approved for sure.

  3. How do I get paid templates approved?
    You can edit memes with paid template in the MemeChat app editor itself and upload it for approval. Otherwise, if you have edited a meme that has a paid template in it using a third party app(eg.: PicsArt), please make sure to overlap the edited meme over the paid template while uploading it, otherwise you will not receive MCs for the paid template. Keeping the above rules in mind, we also have particular rules when it comes to approving memes on paid templates:

    a. No ‘Dank’ and ‘Dark Humor’ memes.
    b. No overlapping memes which don’t include paid templates.
    c. No changing dialogues on paid templates. If the original dialogue from the template is edited, there’s a high chance your meme will get rejected.

  4. Are Dank memes allowed on MemeChat?
    Yes, we do allow dank memes but only up to certain level:
    a. Memes that glorify rape and suicide are rejected sight unseen.
    b. Memes that target particular religion, caste, and race are rejected.
    c. Memes on acid attacks are frowned upon.

  5. Why didn’t I get MC for the meme I posted using a paid template?
    If you have edited a meme that has a paid template in it using a third party app(eg.: PicsArt), please make sure to overlap the edited meme over the paid template while uploading it, otherwise you will not receive MCs for the paid template.
  6. Who can approve my memes on MemeChat?
    We have a team of active moderators who work hard by giving their time to each and every meme by reading it carefully and giving it appropriate categories. You can check the “Announcements” section in your notifications panel to get an updated list of moderators.
  1. How do I withdraw money from MemeChat?
    Once your MemeChat wallet balance reaches our minimum threshold of Rs. 100, you can withdraw that money anytime straight into your bank account/Paytm wallet which has been KYC verified. The maximum amount you will be able to withdraw is Rs. 200.
    In case you have tried to withdraw an amount greater than Rs. 200, then only Rs. 200 will be credited to your bank/PayTM account and the remaining amount will be reverted back to your MemeChat Wallet.
    Note that payments will fail to credit unless your PayTM account has been KYC verified.
    Memechat will complete your withdrawal if you are a active user and post memes continuously. Memechat doesn't pay inactive users.

  2. How many days does it take for my payment to be processed?
    Payments have been delayed due to the current situation and problems at various banks and vendor services. Rest assured, your withdrawal will be processed in 10-14 working days (or when Memechat has the cash flow to process the withdrawal). We deeply regret the inconvenience caused.

  3. What do the different statuses in my MemeChat Passbook mean?
    There are 4 different statuses that your withdrawal might go through before being credited to your bank/PayTM account:
    a. Pending: This means that your withdrawal has been approved by our side and is yet to be received by you.
    b. In Review: This means that our executives are verifying your details, history of your rewarded mc's etc. and will then approve your withdrawal.
    c. Failed: This means that your payment might have failed due to incorrect bank details or your PayTM KYC hasn't been verified yet. Please verify and update it with the correct details.
    d. Paid: This means that your withdrawal has been successful and has been reflected in your bank account/PayTM Wallet.

  4. I haven’t received my payment and it’s been more than 2 weeks. What should I do?
    If you still haven’t received your payment after 2 weeks and the passbook status shows “Pending” then we assure that you will receive the payment and request you to wait till you receive it. If the status shows “In Review”, please contact us by sharing your MemeChat username to and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible.

  5. I have added ₹.X from my PayTM/bank account and it’s not being reflected in my Memechat Wallet. What should I do?
    Please contact us immediately by sharing your MemeChat username and Paytm transaction id to

Mail us: or call: 01142213542 (Only for business queries) Need urgent help? Call us at 01142213542 from 12 PM to 8 PM (Monday to Friday).

Instant withdrawal is turned on everyday with a first come first serve basis and limited amount of money, users have to be active to instantly withdraw money and if they miss instant withdrawal pool they have to wait for the next day to try their luck. Memechat private limited gives prior notice to the user about the instant withdrawal. Memechat app is not responsible if a user fails to withdraw money during an instant withdrawal period. Users can use normal withdrawal method and get their payment within 60-90 business days.

1: Yellow tick is for users who create good Memes and are OG creators🔥, apply for verification tick on Memechat's instagram account and our team will let you know if you are eligible or not.
2: Blue tick is for users who are verified on other social media platforms. To apply for verification share your Memechat ID on our official instagram handle and our team will let you know if you are eligible for the same.
*Memechat verifies user on the basis of their content,points and followers on other social media platforms.