Memes are here to stay:

Memes have totally revolutionised the marketing stream. Marketers across the world are now aware that the internet trend of memes is here to stay! They have realised that this trend can very well be used as an effective marketing strategy to advertise brand narratives.

A lot of top brands have integrated impressive meme marketing campaigns in recent times, that has taken meme marketing to a whole new level.

How Brands Incorporate Memes into their Marketing Strategy?

The most important task of marketers who have employed memes into their marketing strategy is that they complement their marketing strategy with relatable, relevant, and top trending memes. This gives them an opportunity to run a viral marketing brand campaign with massive traction and less monetary investment.

Here are a few excerpts from some super funny and crazy meme marketing brand campaigns:

  1. Netflix
    Netflix is known for its huge social media ‘following’. They just don’t stop making funny memes and engage their audience! Have you checked out Netflix’s alternate account that is dedicated to memes? Go, check out ‘Netflix is a Joke’ NOW! This account has been supplying endless meme fodder to the audience and engaging with them! They usually promote their recently released movies by creating meme templates and funny memes! No wonder why Netflix has gained massive reach and viewership.

  2. Disney + Hotstar
    Here’s another popular OTT platform that has employed memes in its marketing approach. Just like Netflix, Disney + Hotstar has drawn huge traction and increased its viewership.

  3. Zomato
    Zomato has been employing memes in their marketing strategy since a long time now! You must scroll through social media accounts! You won’t stop LOLing! All you’d come across is funny and relatable memes that have attracted massive popularity and a surge in the app’s usage ever since!

  4. Apple
    Apple needs no introduction! Do you think they even need to market their product to get people to buy their upcoming products? However, people create funny memes whenever Apple is about to release a product. This storm of memes gets them a spectacular exposure and guess what? A lot of free marketing!

Mind you! These are only a few brands listed down here! These days, almost every brand is hopping onto the meme marketing bandwagon.

MemeChat app – this unique social networking app has been supporting the growth of ‘n’ number of brands to market their products and services through meme marketing since a long time now!

Here…Take a look at some of their top brand campaigns that went viral through meme marketing!

Meme marketing @MemeChat, 2022:

A large number of brands have been indulging in meme marketing and drawing away from traditional or typical advertising strategies. MemeChat app has leveraged this trend to help brands reach their audience faster and have an impact!

The internet is ruled by the millennials and GenZ, a population that requires something fun and relatable to keep them engaged. And, hence, we serve them with memes on a silver platter!

MemeChat app encourages its users to partake in these meme marketing campaigns. This strategy, also helps users to work from home and earn money by making memes.

Now, let’s take a closer look at some of MemeChat’s 2022 meme marketing campaigns:

  1. MOJ - India's Got Talent: 25 million views in just 3 days! WOAH!

  2. Sharmaji Namkeen:

  3. Codashop:



MemeChat app is surely doing wonders! Isn’t it?

To conclude…:

As a brand, you must integrate meme marketing with your marketing strategy. And, always remember to use the most relevant and trendy memes. Avoid using outdated meme templates that do not help you gain any traction. It is significant to keep a check on popular brands and authentic content libraries in your niche.

It is time to level up your meme marketing game with MemeChat app! 😉 Reach out to MemeChat app now!