What is MemeChat


MemeChat is a meme creator app that allows users to earn money by making memes. Over the years, MemeChat has transpired as one of the most successful money earning apps in India, for millennials and GenZ. Now, isn’t that meme-azing? We mean amazing!

Why memes though

We already know that memes have become an indivisible part of our daily lives. Memes is a language of communication, so to say! It passes on a message effectively, wrapped in with humour. Memes have become an integral part of the social media economy. People who create and consume memes have only been growing. You ever come across someone looking at their phone and laughing out loud? We are pretty sure that someone is looking at a funny meme and chuckling to themselves. Now, in a scenario like this, doesn’t MemeChat sound like a relevant business model? It certainly does!

But, how did that happen?

How it all started -

Our CEO, Mr Kyle Fernandes, during his high school years, was always inquisitive about and interested in coding (programming language used to create websites/apps). During these years, he bonded over with Mr Taaran Chanana, who had similar interests. And, that is when the seed was sown! Their interest in coding led them to come up with something fun and engaging. Growing up in an era, where memes have dominated the internet, what else could have crossed their mind? Yes! An opportunity to combine their interest in coding with the massively growing culture of memes. With humongous hope and excitement, the duo started out with an app called Shit Indians Say, circa 2017.

The struggle (mind you, it was real!) -

During this time, Mr Fernandes and Mr Chanana recruited their friends/acquaintances on board. They surely had their share of naysayers and supporters. However, the team persisted and worked hard all the way!

The triumph -

After taking a good time to study, consume and create the recent internet trends, among various meme agencies/apps in India, Shit Indians Say grew by leaps and bounds! This is when, circa 2018, it was decided that the company would be named MemeChat Pvt. Ltd. The app gathered a staunch following in just a year with more than 850k+ monthly active users (current user base of 1 million+ Downloads) and over 12 million memes. It has officially worked with top Indian OTT platforms such as, ALT Balaji, Hotstar, and Amazon Prime, creating their user-generated memes. Looks like, the seed sown during high school years is now out in bloom.

Our Services

  • Meme marketing: We all agree that memes grab massive attention. Meme marketing has now become the top technique to advertise a brand’s narrative. It is a powerful tool to engage the target audience. We believe meme marketing is the future!
  • Brand campaigns: We aim to increase your brand awareness by putting your brand’s narrative right in front of your target audience. It focuses on promoting your idea to acquire sales.

Our products

  • MemeChat app: The main user app that authorises users to create/generate memes, one being approved the users get rewarded. Hence, making it the best online money earning app.
  • MemeChat keyboard: An integrated keyboard that enables users to share memes on any social networking app such as, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.

Our Future Plan

In a few years down the line, we look at making MemeChat app, being a powerhouse of relatable content. We aim to bring together each and everyone on our platform, have their content personalised and nurture a strong community of meme creators.

Our goal has always been to make our meme creators self-reliant, in a way that they earn their own pocket money and also make brands go viral organically.