What is trending today? Have you checked?


Trending? What’s that?

A topic that gains surge in popularity on different social media platforms for a short span of time, is what a ‘trending topic’ means.
We live in a world of peak technological innovations, hence, it is imperative to keep up with what’s happening in the world. How do we know that? Simple! Log into a social media platform and see what’s trending!


Why trends?

Trends are leveraged to reach specific audience more effectively. It enables brands to reach out to their audience and cater to their needs and desires. Trends are all about relevancy. Aren’t trends also a way to connect with people all around the world? It certainly is! And why’s that? Imagine so many people coming together and talking about the same subject? It does create a bond, doesn’t it?


Trends creation @MemeChat:

MemeChat app literally makes you the 'Talk of the Town' through viral and funny memes. That’s right! We really just 'talk' about you and get you people's attention. And...here you go! You’re trending!
But...How do we do that? Here’s how:

  • Think!
    We think how will it engage and include the masses, including our Memechat app users. work-from-home
  • Creativity!
    We think and create ideas that are creative, innovative and of course, out of the box ideas. meme-page
  • Competitions on the MemeChat app:
    We organise competitions as and when required. These competitions encourage our users to make funny memes on the trending topic and earn money! They earn money and lead us to create buzz! ;)
    Whatever the trend may be, we always connect with our users to make it worth their while to get on our trend
  • Hashtags and keywords/buzzwords:
    We add some salt and pepper by using appropriate hashtags and keywords/buzzwords related to our trend. Thus, making it easier for people to find it out and participate. #BolneLagi netflix-memes
  • Promotions!
    We get the word out regarding our newest trends on all our social/digital platforms such as; MemeChat app, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. For example: creating viral and authentic memes, writing blog posts/write-ups, making short videos.

Our most successful trends:

MemeChat app trends become a sensation on social media. We always aim to immortalise these trends through funny memes. Take a look!

  • Joker Austen - social-media-memes
  • Organic posts: facebook-memes
  • dark-humour-memes
  • Poll results: free-app-to-make-memes
  • One ShortVideoAppMoj best-app-to-make-memes
  • IPL Final – CSKvsKKR dank-memes
  • Shehnaaz Gill and Siddharth Shukla earn-with-memes

    And, a lot more!

  • Bolna Aunty Aau Kya desi-memes
  • Kamlesh sarcastic-memes
  • Deepak Kalal desi-memes-01
  • JCB jcb-memes
  • Paragliding Guy video-memes
  • Bolne lagi indian-meme-template

MemeChat app has partnered with various OTT platforms like Hotstar, ALT Balaji, Amazon Prime among others to create several trends! We’re here to create the best trends on social media! Sit tight and watch us skyrocket anything and everything trend via memes!