Why make advertisements when you can market your brand’s narrative using funny memes? Modern problems require modern solutions!


What is Meme marketing?

Marketers have always used some amount of humour to advertise/promote brands in order to leave a funny impression, that would be imprinted in people’s mind. And, boom! Memes set foot in this space! Who would’ve thought memes would actually become an important marketing strategy?
The power of a meme is such that it has the ability to go viral within seconds. Amalgamating this super power with your brand’s narrative would help you reach your target audience. As compared to other regular brand campaigns, funny memes can actually make a brand, movie, show, art, product, etc. become massively famous and trendy.
Precisely, meme marketing is an ultimate way of delivering your brand narrative in the form of text, image, or video, or all.


Leveraging Memes in Marketing

Presently, social media is flooded with humour and wit. People use relatable and funny memes to communicate with each other. Any piece of information in the world is now circulated via memes. Be it, art, culture, sports, politics, movies, shows, products, anything and everything! Various top brands/platforms in India are leveraging memes to market their narrative, through various meme agencies in India.
Here are a few examples:

  • Zomato

  • Netflix


Meme marketing @MemeChat:

We believe that most brands are taking a step back from traditional and typical advertising strategies! We are now kind(of)a bored of it! So... Brands have now started stepping up their meme marketing game! What is better than grabbing this opportunity and providing them with what they need?
We are also aware that the millennials and GenZ cohort requires something that is fun and keeps them engaged, and what is that? Memes! Just do what this cohort does and pep up the relatability quotient!


Through MemeChat app, we encourage our users to be a part of these marketing campaigns, leading to have an optimum promotion of a brand. This in turn, also helps users to work from home and make/earn money by making memes.


Now, let’s take a closer look at some of our meme marketing campaigns:

  • Slice: To create a buzz about the brand and the benefits it provides meme-marketing
  • Scam 1992: To create a hype of the show meme-editor
  • McDonald’s: To get chicken McGrill back at McDonald’s earn-with-memes
  • OYO: To promote OYO’s discount coupon earn-money-with-memes
  • MOJ: To make Real Joker Austin go viral sarcastic-memes

Organic posts:

social-media-memes social-media-memes-02

Poll results:


Success…Haan, haan success! Here are a few popular meme templates we use to create buzz/hype: Nahi meme template, Mirzapur meme template, Munna bhaiya meme, MemeChat memes, Jethalal meme template, Herapherimemes, Dhamaal memes, Naruto memes, Netflix memes. Amazon prime memes, Friends memes, Baburao memes and a lot more!

Meme marketing: The Future

We have established that social media is an integral part of the internet economy. Given the current scenario, internet usage will be common and widespread in the future. Hence, we will continue to use memes to promote brands and help them connect with their audience/customers in a much humorous way.
Remember to have these impactful elements in your campaign; humour, wit, relatability and relevancy
What are you waiting for?
Hop on the meme marketing and delight your customers with good humour.