Did you know MemeChat was selected as the best app under the Aatma Nirbhar App Innovation Challenge? To be precise it won the award for People’s choice best app under the entertainment and overall category against many well-known apps. With over 6,940 entries MemeChat was the chosen one! Ever wondered what makes the homegrown app so popular amongst the Gen-z?

Let’s discuss the unique and amazing factors that make MemeChat the number one app in India, with more than 5 million downloads and 210k daily active users.


Easy Source of Pocket Money

MemeChat App allows its users to create hilarious memes and earn up to 35rs per meme. It has various categories like news, politics, educational, anime, etc and as per requirement every user is paid for approval in the given category. With being consistent in creating good content users can earn fair amount every month which can be used as an extra pocket money. Not only this but there is also requested tasks given on the app which is an easy way for users to get their hands on a lot of money at once by just fulfilling the requirements of the task. Many users also claim that they use this money to get their monthly internet recharge!


A Very Positive Place

There is no fixed to be happy is there? The app has fresh memes rolling 24x7, even if one is feeling lonely at midnight Memechat is the place to be. Most users are creators, who appreciate new content and create a positive environment to appreciate one another. MemeChat also has a special category called “wholesome” which is a place for wholesome, warm memes that would bring a smile on anyone’s face at any given time!


MemeChat Keyboard: Over 18 Lakh Memes

The meme-keyboard is a unique concept which makes every conversation filled with fun and emotions. The memes on every emotion or topic just makes any conversation more engaging, the keyboard has over eighteen lakh memes and doesn’t miss any topic.

If one is bored or wants to start the conversation in an interesting way, it has memes as conversation starters to even hilarious ways of saying goodbye. If you find difficulty in expressing yourself, there are sad templates as well. No more cliché birthday wishes rather cool- memeified birthday wishes with the help of Memechat keyboard. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?


MemeChat : Meme-Editor in Itself

If you didn’t know already, the app has an in-built editor that one can use to edit any type of picture. It has all the trending meme templates, various fonts and colours, background remover and everything you wish for in an image editor. You can edit anything, be it a meme or your own picture. It is a perfect add on to the pre-existing features of the app. In easy words you can call it the In-House Pro Editor, sounds good to me!


All these amazing and likeable features make MemeChat so popular amongst the youth, it is the virtual hangout spot for teens or young adults trying to earn some pocket money in their free time. The MemeChat keyboard is widely used in all age groups, it is a must have if you want to keep your meme game A1!