The Beginning:

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What did you first see on this blog? A meme? Yes, you did!

Millennials and GenZ thrive on real time communication. We believe they ‘meme’ more than they ‘speak’! That’s right! Communicating through visuals has now become more relevant and rapid in today’s times! When we say ‘visuals’, we do not mean bombarding this group of people with those traditional ways of advertising content. We mean, creating a funny piece that makes it easy for them to relate and connect to, and of course get them to laugh out loud!

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Our founders, Mr Kyle Fernandes and Mr Taaran Chanana are millennials. They exactly knew what their generation desired - memes served on a platter! Hence, they started out with a social media page called ‘Shit Indians Say’ circa 2017. A page that ran on a collection of all the trending funny memes, leading to create a massive meme-community.

The Bootstrapping:

From the social media page ‘Shit Indians Say’ to the bootstrapped startup ‘MemeChat Pvt. Ltd.’, these two youngsters grew their unique social media networking app by leaps and bounds! This meme creator app amassed a staunch following in just a year with more than 850k+ monthly active users.

Wait...What? How?

The Rise – A Few Highlights:

  1. Growing Organically: Using meme pages to put up posts/tweets, writing blogs, etc., that lead to traffic generation on social media
  2. Make Memes Earn Money: Users create memes, on approval, they get paid! Woah!
  3. MemeChat Keyboard: The most popular keyboard that allows you to share funny memes in just one click. This keyboard has a trove of trending memes that fall under various categories.
  4. MemeHub: Short and funny meme videos under a roof.
  5. Funding - Round 1: Raised $150,000 from an early-stage venture fund 500 Startups, circa October 2020.
  6. Memes for You:World's first ever Artificial Intelligence meme generator feature. Making memes in a matter of seconds, what else could we ask
  7. Funding - Round 2: Raised $1,000,000 from Beenext ventures, circa October 2021.
  8. The MemeClub (TMC): An NFT marketplace dedicated to memes Meme creators can buy and sell meme NFTs here!

Launch of the above mentioned key features and two rounds of funding led MemeChat app to achieve a user base of 5 million+ downloads and a collection of over 12 million memes. Additionally, this unique and independent meme generator app has bagged the 2nd position in the Government’s innovative app challenge under the entertainment category! MemeChat has also officially collaborated with top Indian OTT platforms such as, ALT Balaji, Hotstar, and Amazon Prime, creating their user-generated memes. These are a few feathers in MemeChat’s cap!

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The Future:

The founders envision adding some more cool features to the app and make personalized content for each user. They plan to organise events, bunker parties, release merchandise, etc. to nurture the strong meme-community and invite more users on the platform. They also envisage opening doors to the world of NFTs for meme creators across the country and beyond, hence, supporting them to earn more!
After all, the meme-community is one of a kind, wouldn’t it be great to have everyone grow together as a family? never know the third round of funding could be on the way, already! ;)
MemeChat to the moon!

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