Have you heard of this term ‘NFT’ being thrown around like confetti, off late?


Haha! No! That is not what ‘NFT’ means!

What is an NFT?

NFT stands for ‘Non-fungible Token’. Let us try to understand what is ‘non-fungible’.
The term ‘fungible’ means interchangeable. Something that can be exchanged with or substituted by another. For example, You can exchange a 10 rupee note with a 10 rupee coin, because they have the same value. Now, what is ‘non-fungible’? It means something that is unique and non-replaceable. An NFT can be anything in a digital format, for example, a picture, an MP3, and MP4, a tweet, a meme, a gif or any other digital file. A non-fungible token acts as proof that authenticates the ownership of a digital file. These tokens are stored on the blockchain. An NFT encrypts a digital piece with a blockchain and makes it unique and non-replaceable, hence putting an end to copies. Whoever owns an NFT, holds the valuable original digital piece. NFTs cannot be exchanged like cryptocurrencies or cash, they can only be bought or sold.

The Meme Club (TMC):

MemeChat Pvt. Ltd. has set up a marketplace, The Meme Club (TMC), dedicated to memes. TMC is MemeChat’s official entry to Web3. The founders of MemeChat intend to open the door to the world of NFTs for their 5 million+ app users, by minting their viral memes into NFTs, thus, aiding their growth.

So...what exactly is TMC? TMC consists of a collection of 200+ authentic and viral meme NFTs on the Polygon blockchain. This list is ever-growing and pretty exhaustive! No two TMC NFTs are alike and use each of them can be officially owned by a single person on the Polygon blockchain. Via TMC, you can buy, bid, and offer NFTs for sale. Okay...this does not end here! When you buy a TMC NFT, you automatically become an elite member of this prestigious, ‘members only’ club that gives you exclusive access to some dope perks. Perks, as in? As in some crazy real-life utility benefits. Listed below are a few of them:


  • Meme Box: A metal card that has your meme NFT imprinted on it.
  • Bunker party: An electrifying bunker party you wouldn’t want to miss!
  • Meet and Greet: Decide what goes viral on the internet by partaking in panel discussions, events and concerts.
  • Freebies: Own and flex the TMC merch! Hoodies, t-shirts and a lot more in store.
Many more perks to come. Stay tuned!

TMC has already witnessed massive popularity within the NFT ecosystem! Check this out!

  • On social media:
  • In the news:
Now, let us look at some numbers, shall we?

Overall Stats:

The first TMC NFT sale was held on 22nd January 2022, and it was a banger! 90 memers from different parts of the country bought/sold their meme NFTs on TMC, in just 90 minutes! This led to attaining a Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) of over 5500 Matic. Hell, yes! The highest TMC NFT was sold for 250 Matic i.e., 30,000 INR. Woot!
Stats, till date:

Highest price of the TMC NFT sold: 2 NFTs sold for 250 Matic each


GMV: 10,750 Matic

No. of transactions on our website: 330+

No. of NFTs sold: 220+

Isn’t this enormous? It surely is!

To the Moon:

TMC is here to stay, grow and push boundaries in the world of NFTs and, thus, changing the creator economy in India. The founders expect to flourish TMC in India, for now. However, after gaining success in India and attracting attention from the international market, TMC envisions going global!
Here’s to witnessing TMC rise higher and higher!

To know more about TMC, its meme NFTs, perks, how to create a TMC account, buying or selling NFTs, etc. visit the official website https://thememe.club/. You can also join the discord chat , and get updates on all bids, offers and sales in real time.