The World of NFTs:

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are irreplaceable cryptographic tokens, which are unique. These could be any possible thing in a digital format, an image file, a gif, an mp3 file, a tweet, a meme, anything. You cannot exchange them, like cryptocurrencies or cash. NFTs’ history dates back to 2012-13’. However, its awareness and usage exploded between 2018-21’.


NFTs’ use has been found mainly in the digital art world. In the olden and vintage, physical art world, an artist would complete a work and that would be the only copy of it. For instance; there is only one physical copy of ‘Mona Lisa’. It has been one of the most replicated physical artwork. Incidentally, it is way easier to replicate digital art. NFT puts an end to this practise. Encrypting the digital source of an artwork with a blockchain, helps it to be unique and definitive. The person who owns an NFT, holds the valuable original piece of the artwork.

Not so surprisingly, NFTs have caught sight of various investors and seen sales worth millions. Now, does that mean you can create a meme and make money from it? Yes! Why not? A meme creator might create a meme, which can be copied and shared innumerable times. However, if the creator has a digital record of her/his creation, then she/he can claim for its uniqueness, scarcity and proof of ownership. Many viral memes such as; ‘Disaster Girl’, ‘Side Eyeing Chloe’, ‘Nyan Cat’, ‘Overly Attached Girlfriend’, etc. are being sold as NFTs. The rise of selling memes as NFTs has proven to control the usage of unique and creative memes. No more sitting back and watching people steal your creation, without your consent.

Welcome to The Meme Club (TMC):

The Meme Club (TMC) is an NFT marketplace. MemeChat Pvt. Ltd’s official entry to aim to Web3, with an aim to build a bridge between the users of MemeChat app and the world of NFTs i.e., giving an opportunity to the users of the app to convert their viral memes into NFTs. Hence, supporting the growth of these indigenous meme creators. TMC is an exclusive club of viral meme NFTs that exist on the MATIC blockchain. These NFTs can be priced and put for sale from anywhere between 1000 INR to 10000 INR. Whoever owns an NFT in this marketplace, gains access to TMC, an elite club created by the elites. TMC accommodates the creators (the ones who have created original, viral and funny memes, later minted their creation as NFTs), enthusiasts (the ones who buy these NFTs) and investors (the ones who invest in and back the process).

It is a ‘members only’ club, that is, when you own a TMC NFT, you don't just own an image, you hold the power to make literally anything go viral! You, as a member, get exclusive access to several real-life utility perks increase over time. Your TMC NFT mainly serves as your digital identity, and opens digital doors for you.

Okay then! Let us look at some of the perks of being a TMC HODler!


The TMC Perks:

tmc-card tmc-hoodie


Get hold of this tangible box, that holds your very own TMC NFT as a metal card!


Ready to give yourself an adrenaline rush? Partake in electrifying bunker parties. Also, become a part of panel discussions and decide what goes viral on the internet. We welcome you to set trends and create an ecosystem of authentic viral content


Own our merchandise! Hoodies, t-shirts, and a lot many accessories which are delivered right at your doorstep!


Free entry to the MemeChat headquarters! Socialise with your fellow TMC NFT HODlers in events/concerts!


Exclusive and special contests within the community, with rewards upto 6900 MATIC


A trip to the moon? Hell yes! Lessgooo!

This is insane! Need we say anymore? Just drop everything now and join the most premium NFT club, The Meme Club! What are you waiting for?