Say ‘hello’ to Bonky, ya’ll!


Introducing you to Bonky, the cutest doggo ever! No cap!

Bonky da Bonk:

The above picture was taken when Bonky was new to our family! He was just 3 months old. Bonky has been with us ever since and obviously he is the most important member of the family.
This is him, now!
bonky-memechat Wondering if this blog is about Bonky? It sort of is!


The Meme Club (TMC):

TMC! You must have surely heard of this one of a kind NFT (Non-fungible token) marketplace in India which is dedicated to memes! This elite club is set-up by MemeChat Pvt. Ltd. The founders of MemeChat have created this platform for meme creators all over in order to support their growth. Yep! This marketplace welcomes meme creators to the world of NFTs. TMC enables meme creators to mint their viral memes into NFTs, sell them and flourish!
Visit our blog The Meme Club (TMC): On the Rise to know more about TMC.
Coming back to our cutie, Bonk!

NFTs x Bonky:

We fused the NFT craze with our very own Bonky and created Bonky NFTs! You read that right!

nft memechat bonky-tmc-memechat
Bonky NFTs are one of the top trending NFTs in India. The collection of 200+ NFTs on TMC includes 41 Bonky NFTs. TMC has taken a template and produced a good number of Bonky variations ranging from accessories to outfits to actions. Here are some of them:

Bonky NFTs are highly valued for being the OG NFT collection, ideated and developed in-house by some of the most talented memers and graphic designers. The introduction of Bonky NFTs attracted a lot of memers to TMC, leading to a massive hype and increased sales. This has also led to creation of separate Bonky NFT fanbase! Ah! Expected! ;)

bonky-tmc memes meme-chat meme-editor
You can own a Bonky NFT and get access to the exclusive, ‘members only’ club, TMC, and enjoy all the dope perks, such as; bunker parties, cool merchandise, metal card, meet and greet, etc. Owning a Bonky NFT also gives you complete commercial rights to it. Hodlers can monetise their own NFT in creative ways, such as; creating customised merchandise, setting up a dedicated social media account, etc.

Overall Stats

No. of Bonky NFTs: 41

Minimum price: 20 – 40 Matic

Highest sold Bonky NFT: 200 Matic (Kamlesh)

What's Next?

Do not expect the Bonky NFTs to go anywhere! Bonky and his NFTs are here to stay. Bonky NFTs are already a huge hit! However, the founders of TMC envision this collection to be the most exclusive and top trending NFT collection in the country and beyond.
We let our Bonky out! Go rule the metaverse, doggo! Woot!
Here’s to witnessing TMC rise higher and higher!

To know more about Bonky NFTs, TMC, TMC’s other meme NFT collections, perks, how to create a TMC account, buying or selling NFTs, etc. visit the official website You can also join the discord chat , and get updates on all bids, offers and sales in realtime.